Why Use a Service to Identify Anonymous Website Visitors?

How would you like to know exactly when a company is going to buy a product or service that you offer?

Knowing which businesses have hit your website and which pages that they are interested in can be key to identifying potential prospects, shortening your sales cycle and ultimately closing more business. Timing is key in any sales organization and knowing which companies to target and when to target them can be the difference between exceeding your sales targets or having a losing quarter.

Website visitor identification services allow you to identify anonymous visitors who have been on your website. They can identify what pages visitors have looked at and which search terms they used to find your website.

Once you have identified a specific company, you can target decision makers at those companies right when they are looking for services like yours. This allows you to cut your marketing costs and efforts dramatically by only focusing on quality prospects.

Instead of doing huge direct mail, cold call campaigns, online, print and email campaigns you can bring a laser like focus to your marketing and sales efforts. Countless dollars are wasted in blasting out direct mail and emails to your database of prospects. This shotgun approach to prospecting is antiquated and wasteful. If you want to cut your prospecting time and marketing efforts then you need to be using some sort of website visitor tracking.

Anonymous Website Visitor Identification Services

There are several great website identification services in the marketplace. They allow you to identify companies that have hit your website, see which keywords they used to get there and which products or services they are most interested in.

Some services even provide detailed contact information like emails and phone numbers for contacts. We looked at several different criteria when comparing these anonymous website identification services. A complete breakdown can be found on our anonymous visitor identification page.