Visual Visitor Review

Pros: Visual Visitor provides great web visitor tracking information on companies that have hit your site. They also provide potential contacts and show their phone number & email addresses. Customer support was extremely quick and helpful. Visual Visitor has a number of useful training videos that help you get up and running.

Cons: Setting up the service to identify keywords is a bit cumbersome.

Visual Visitor Pricing: Visual Visitor pricing plans start at $59/month.

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Visual Visitor Review

Visual Visitor is one of the better anonymous web visitor tracking tools on the market. They provide detailed company information on who has visited your website. They also provide potential contacts at these companies with their email addresses. Visual Visitor will track which pages they have looked at and how long they have visited each web page.  They provide real time alerts so that you can take immediate action in following up with prospective clients and they also provide customized reports.

Visual Visitor Dashboard Review

Visual Visitor's dashboard is pretty intuitive and gives you a high-level snapshot of the visitors that have been identified visiting your site. It shows the number of identified companies, email visitors, form capture visitors and total number of page visits. The dashboard also displays the latest visitors that have hit your website and a graph that depicts the rate of traffic on your site. A map gives you insight into where anonymous visitors are coming from. One of the more useful widgets is the Most Active Visiting Company graph. This shows you the number of page views per company and thus allows you to identify the prospects that show the most interest in your website.

Visual Visitor Features

One of the best features this particular web visitor tracking tool is that they provide a list of possible contacts at the visiting company along with their title, phone number and email. This is extremely helpful in targeting the right contact at the prospective company.

Visual Visitor has a couple of other features to help you with your marketing efforts. It includes a Form Capture section where you can track companies that complete forms on your site. They also have an add-on for Gmail or Outlook in order for it to work but the process is fairly easy. Email Campaign feature that allows you to track links on email campaigns. This allows you to see which email links are clicked in a email campaign.

Visual Visitor has a number of prebuilt reports that give you insight into the companies that are hitting your site, how they got there and what they are looking at. The Visit Detail Report gives you the company, date/time and links that they hit. The Search Engine Report shows you which search engines are feeding your site. (Spoiler alert: its Google). The Raw Data Report is the best one as it gives you the most complete information about a visitor. It includes: the IP address, pages visited, date/time, query string (from search engines), title (title of ad if using Google AdWords), company name, Company address, company phone number, domain name, source, keywords, email and lots of campaign info including: campaign name, type, vendor, source, medium, term, content.  One nice feature about their reports is that they will automatically export to a number of different formats including: PDF, CSV, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, TIFF, Web Archive, Word and XPS.

One drawback is their Latest Keyword widget. This feature is supposed to identify keywords that company uses to find your site. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working.

Their Analytics overview includes graphs of unique visitors, companies identified and page views. It also shows first time visitors versus return visitors. It shows bounced visitor stats and referral vs. direct rates. A map outlines countries where visitors are coming from.

The Location page shows visitor history by continent, country, and city. The Device page shows the operating systems and browsers that visitors are using. It also shows browser resolution and type of device. The Engagement area indicates the number of first-time, return, and bounced visitors. The Referrer page shows stats on visitor sources and a breakdown of where they came from (i.e. Google, Bing, Social Media, etc.).   There are two other pages that show the Entry and Exit page statistics.

Visual Visitor's anonymous web visitor tracking tools can provide you real-time alerts based on a number of different parameters (pages viewed, specific URLs hit and even specific companies that visit your site).  You can also set up daily or weekly reports showing your most active visitors.

A handy feature is the ability to disseminate leads based on sales territory.  You can configure Visual Visitor so that it will automatically send leads to your sales team.

Finding customer support is a little difficult because they don’t have a chat window or the ability to open a trouble ticket from your dashboard. You need to go to the Visual Visitors main website and open up a trouble ticket there. That being said, when I opened a trouble ticket about an issue I was having, they called me back within a couple of minutes. They walked me through the process of fixing my issue (identifying keywords from Google AdWords) and got the info that I needed to solve my problem.

Visual Visitor Installation

Getting up and running with Visual Visitor is relatively simple. All you need to do is put a few lines of code into the header or footer section of your website. They have a bunch of training videos that break down each section of their dashboard which offers an understanding of the full functionality of their service.

CRM integration allows you to send company information from Visual Visitor into your CRM package. Currently, Visual Visitor's website visitor tracking tools integrate with SalesForce, ConnectWise, Zoho, LeadMaster, and SalesNexus.

Visual Visitor Pricing

Pricing for Visual Visitor's services starts at $59 per month.

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