Website Visitor Tracking Reviews

There are hundreds of companies that provide lead generation website services.

It is difficult to know exactly how many providers there are in the marketplace because many of these service providers provide white label services. This allows other types of companies, like advertising agencies, to brand their own visitor identification services.

The cost of providing website visitor tracking services varies greatly among providers. Fees on the low end are around $10 a month for basic services. The most common starting price is around $60 per month. On the high end they can start at $350 per month.

Having a higher monthly price doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting better service but it can be an indication of more robust software.

Many providers of lead generation website services will allow you to pay month to month. However, they will also offer a discount if you move to an annual plan.

We recommend that you try the services for a couple of months before moving to an annual plan. This time frame should give you enough time to make sure that you are comfortable with the service and that it is giving you what you need to help with your lead generation efforts.

A good place to start your comparison research is on our website visitor tracking company metrics chart. This chart compares all of the best companies that provide services to help you identify anonymous website visitors.