Sales Wings Review

Pros: Sales Wings provides B2B website visitor tracking services. Their services are good for organizations that have a current database of companies and get most of their leads from email and/or newsletter campaigns. They can help you to prioritize leads, allowing your sales team to focus on the hottest leads first.

Cons: Sales Wings does not identify anonymous leads, you must have the contacts information that hit your website. Prospects must click on a link or fill out a form to be included in reports. There is no way to track the keywords that prospects might be using to find you website.

Sales Wings Pricing: Sales Wings pricing starts at $199 per month for 5 team members. There is a 12% discount for signing up for 1 year.

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Sales Wings Review

Sales Wings is good for companies that have a good database of their clients and prospects and want to see how they are interacting with their website. They are lacking in some key areas like keyword tracking and being able to identify the source of a referrer.

Sales Wings Dashboard

The dashboard for Sales Wings is the most streamlined of all the b2b website visitor tracking companies that were reviewed. You have a snapshot of prospects that have visited your website, a profile of their organization, last visits and total visits.

Sales Wings Features

Real Time notifications, real time triggers are activated when a visitor hits a designated page. Provides lead scoring algorithm so that you can identify your hottest leads.

Sales Wings Installation

Getting set up with Sales Wings website visitor tracking service was easy. Just copy and paste a bit of code into your website and you’re good to go. They also have tracking code validation, which makes confirming that your site is being monitored extremely easy.

Sales Wings integrates with Zoho, Dynamics, Salesforce and Pipedrive. They also have a plugin for Gmail and Outlook

Sales Wings Pricing

Sales Wings pricing plans start off at $199 per month for 5 team members. You can get a 12% discount for signing up for 1 year.

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