Evaluating Web Visitor Identification Services

The evaluation and scoring of the website visitor tracking services was based on objective and subjective criteria. It took 1-2 weeks to evaluate each service. This gave us enough time to gather a significant amount of data from visitors that hit our site. The main criteria that we used to evaluate and rank visitor identification services are listed below with a brief description. This link shows a comparison of each of the best website visitor tracking services that we reviewed.

Key Features

  • Keyword Tracking: This shows whether a company would be able to identify key search words that visitors would use to find your site.
  • Real Time Notifications: This indicates whether or not you could receive real time notifications of visitors hitting your site. Sometimes a well-placed call to a prospect viewing your site can make quite an impact.
  • Referrer Source: This is the ability of a service to provide information on where your website visitor came from before they hit your site.
  • Customize Reports: This shows the ability to build unique reports on visitors that hit your website and what they were doing on the site.

Web Visitor Identification and Information

  • Provide Contact Information: This indicates whether or not any information would be provided about potential contacts at a company that would visit your site. Web visitor identification services could include names, titles, phone numbers, physical addresses and email addresses.
  • LinkedIn: This shows if a service provides a link to the visitors LinkedIn page.
  • Browser Type: This indicates if a company identifies the browser type that the visitor would be using.
  • Operating System: This would allow you to find out the OS of the visitor that would be on your site.
  • Screen Resolution: This would identify what the screen resolution is for the visitor that is on your website.

Company Data Collected About Web Visitors

  • Company Name/Location: This would provide you with the visitor’s name and address.
  • Company URL/Domain Name: This identifies the website that that the visiting company is from.
  • Company Revenue: This shows the annual revenue from the visiting company.
  • Company Description: This is an overview of the visitor going to your site.

Web Visitor Behavior

  • Pages Visited: This shows the pages that a visitor has visited on your website.
  • Date/Time: This indicates the date/time that the visitor went to your site.
  • Time on Site: This is the amount of time that a visitor has been on your website.


  • Tacking Code: This indicates if you need to put a tracking code on your site or not.
  • Tacking Code Validation: This show if the company has a way to validate if you code had been implemented properly.
  • WordPress Plugin: This demonstrates if the service has a WordPress plugin available.

CRM Integration

  • CRM integration: This indicates which products the services integrate with. These include Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, WebCRM and MS Dynamics. Some of the services also have Zapier integration capabilities.