LeadLander Review

Pros: LeadLander's website visitor identification service provides detailed information about the companies and contacts that have been on your website. This makes it easy for you to identify and reach out to potential leads. They also have an easy to use alert system that keeps you up to date on website visitor behavior and actions.

Cons: LeadLander's base fee is on the high side of the market.

LeadLander Pricing: Pricing for LeadLander's website visitor identification service starts at $295 per month.

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LeadLander Review

LeadLander is easy to install and has an intuitive dashboard. They provide comprehensive information on the companies that have visited your site. They also identify the search terms that people are using to find your website.

LeadLander Dashboard

LeadLander provides website visitor tracking services. The main dashboard on LeadLander is gives you good information about who has been visiting your website. LeadLander provides detail about the companies that hit your website and it will also provide information on the potential contacts at those companies. However, getting the contact information is an extra fee above their monthly costs.

LeadLander provides insight into the most active locations, where visitors are coming from to view your site. They also provide an overview of the most active referring websites.

LeadLander Features

LeadLander will allow you to score companies who have visited your website. The provide a template for a weighted scorecard based on the pages that a company has visited. This will help you to prioritize your leads and allow you to focus on the most promising opportunities.

LeadLander will also identify and provide information on the companies that have visited your website. They provide the following details: the website, phone number, address, industry, IP address and referral information. They will also provide potential contacts at the company.

LeadLander Installation

Setting up the website visitor identification tracking code was pretty easy. You just cut and paste the provided code into your website and you are up and running. LeadLander is fully integrated with Salesforce.

LeadLander Pricing

LeadLander's pricing for their web visitor identification service starts at $295 per month.

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