Leadfeeder Review

Pros: Leadfeeder provides website visitor tracking tools and services. They have solid information about the companies that have hit your site. They also provide potential contact information and email address for these contacts.

Cons: Leadfeeder's interface lacks some key features like displaying key words or providing a list of referrers.

Leadfeeder Pricing: Leadfeeder's pricing is based on the number of unique companies that visit your site. Pricing starts at $59 per month.

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Leadfeeder Review

Leadfeeder provides a good visitor tracking tools with simple user interface. They provide the most critical information about which companies have visited your website and a list of potential contacts at these companies.

Leadfeeder Dashboard

Leadfeeder provides website visitor tracking tools. Their dashboard is extremely easy to navigate and very intuitive. This is a simple interface that tracks the companies that have visited your website. It provides information on company size, the industry, URL and phone number. It will also provide a connection to LinkedIn contacts at that company.

Leadfeeder Features

The Leadfeeder has a lead ranking tool that will automatically put the hottest leads at the top of your dashboard.  Leadfeeder has a number of great video guides that provide insight into using their services and best practices for using their visitor tracking tool.

Leadfeeder allows you to tag certain companies so that whenever these companies visit your website you get an email notification. This will allow you to identify “hot” prospects and quickly reach out to them.

Leadfeeder Installation

Leadfeeder is the only company we reviewed that is integrated with Google Analytics. It is very easy setup, all you need is access to your analytics account.

Leadfeeder’s visitor tracking tool integrates with all most all of the CRM providers. This includes webCRM, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and Zoho.

Leadfeeder Pricing

Leadfeeder's pricing starts at $59/month. Their pricing model is contingent upon the number of unique visitors that go to your website. 

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