Clickback Review

Pros: Clickback supplies website visitor tracking software services. They have excellent lead filtering system whereby you can filter leads by company, revenue, employees, IP address, specific pages visited and click path. It is very easy to set up the scoring of prospects that hit your site. You can score a lead based on number of past visits, time on site, page views, referring site, revenue, industry and location.

Cons: Clickback's pricing is a little confusing because you have a monthly fee and you need to purchase credits in order to find contact details.

Clickback Pricing: Clickback's pricing starts at $350 per month for up to 2,500 unique visits per month. You also need to purchase credits so that you can find the contact details for decision makers.

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Clickback  Review

Clickback visitor tracking software provides an interface that is easy to set up and use. It displays good relevant data and gives you insight into the companies that are visiting your website.

Clickback Dashboard

Clickback provides website visitor tracking software. Their dashboard gives a birds eye view of all the important information that you want to know about the companies that have been identified visiting your website. It gives you a breakdown of the most recent visitors, the top 5 returning visitors and a map with the countries that visitors are coming from.

Clickback Features

Clickback visitor tracking software has a number of interesting features. They have a company trends word cloud that visually identifies the industries of companies that are visiting your website. This will give you insight into which industries find your products or services most relevant.

They also have a top 5 returning visitors area that acts like a scorecard. It identifies the most active returning companies that have been to your site. This is helpful in targeting companies that are most interested you what you have to sell.

Clickback tracking software provides detailed background information on the companies that have been identified on your site. This includes the visitor’s industry, number of employees, revenue, URL, IP address and pages that they visited.

You can also tap into a database of contact at these companies for an additional cost. The database provides contact names, job function, email address and phone numbers.

Clickback Installation

The installation of Clickback’s visitor tracking software was simply a matter of putting some java code on the website, it was very easy to do. Clickback integrates with Salesforce.

Clickback Pricing

Clickback's pricing has a starting plan of $350/month for up to 2,500 unique visits per month.

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