My obsession with finding the best website visitor tracking service started a year ago when I became aware of this innovative technology that would allow me to find out who had been visiting my website.

Before that I was relying on traditional marketing approaches to finding new clients. I would buy a list of “prospects” with their contact information. I would then send out direct mail pieces and follow up with cold calls and emails. And I would wait for the leads to come rushing in. Only they never came… I would spend thousands of dollars trying to find someone that was possibly interested in my service and I didn’t have much luck. You see, in my business and probably yours, timing is everything. Getting in front of a prospective client when they are looking for a service is critical. Well no duh. In order for me to try and be in front of a client at all times was extremely expensive, I would need to reach out with major marketing campaigns once a quarter, along with monthly smaller campaigns.

When I found out about that there were services that allowed me to target companies that had visited my website I knew that would drastically change my marketing approach. Is has and so to the results. I am now able to focus on companies that are in the process of looking for services like mine. I know what key words (SEO) they are using and which services they are most interested. This makes my follow up marketing not only 100 times easier, it is very targeted and results a massive increase in engagement. Now I’m not saying that this is perfect or magic but it is certainly worlds above what I was doing before.

Anyway, after I found out about services that allowed you to identify visitors, I went on a 6 months campaign of intensively reviewing each of the products.  There are about 44 companies that provide visitor identification services. So, I painstakingly went through and started reviewing them. Some were easy to eliminate base on functionality others not so much. In the end I came up with the list you see here.

At the same time that I was reviewing these companies I was also taking a class on website development and design. I’m 45 and still trying to learn new tricks… Part of the class was to put together a final project using major elements of what we learned. What you see here is the end result.

So that’s my story, I hope that you find this site helpful.

Adrian Bannister